Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation: Jigokudani, Yudanaka, Shibu Onsen

Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation:

Jigokudani, Yudanaka Onsen, Shibu Onsen, Kanbayashi Onsen

When looking for Snow Monkeys Accommodation visitors must be aware that there are three distinct areas for accommodation and hotels near the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in Nagano (Jigokudani Yaen-koen). Hence these are listed in three categories as below – hotels in Yudanaka Onsen, accommodation in Shibu Onsen, as well as places to stay in Kanbayashi Onsen – with a brief description. If you are choosing to stay in the nearby Shiga Kogen Ski Resort the Nagano Snow Monkeys can be easily visited via regular bus or shuttle.

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Hotels in Yudanaka Onsen

Yudanaka Onsen 湯田中泉 is quite a big town with many amenities that you would normally expect to find. The town dates back over 1,350 years and there are still a number of old style buildings that are scattered around the central district, such as in in Yudanaka-dori. There are also many restaurants and bars to be enjoyed.

    Shimaya Ryokan Yudanaka Shimaya Ryokan is a popular establishment located in the center of Yudanaka Onsen and only eight minutes away from Yudanaka station. Within a short walking distance you will find various types of reasonably priced restaurants and sushi bars, as well as a 24 hour convenience store, a coin-operated laundromat, an ATM machine and a Post Office.When requested, the ryokan will provide ‘on-demand’ free shuttle services to and from the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park as well as collection and/or drop-off at the station. No credit cards accepted – payment by cash only (in advance). Read or leave a review of Shimaya Ryokan here.
Yudanaka Seifu-so Yudanaka Seifu-so is a traditional Japanese style guesthouse located in Yudanaka Onsen. Free breakfast and LAN connections provided. The building was built during the Meiji era (1868-1912) with a traditional inner garden too. All of the 15 guest rooms are Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats. Guests can use the onsen privately upon request (for free). Map to Yudanaka Seifu-so
Ryokan Biyu no Yado in Yudanka Onsen Ryokan Biyu no Yado (a.k.a. View Ryokan or Hotel Ryokan View) was renovated in July 2008. The hotel has been reimagined with soothing, open space in mind. Ryokan Biyu no Yado is located along the Yomase River, providing you a picturesque view of the Northern Alps yet only 8 minutes by foot from Yudanaka Station. The name means “Inn with beautiful hot spring”. English speaking staff are generally available as well as a free shuttle to/from Yudanaka Station and the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Parkand Shiga-Kogen ski areas. Yudanaka View has also recently begun offering opportunities to try on kimonos, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, make soba noodles and enjoy a taiko drum show. Read or leave reviews of Ryokan View Yudanaka here
Ryokan Suisensou Ryokan Suisensou is a good choice of Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation – a relaxing local inn with traditional tatami and futon sleeping arrangements. Meals are available as is free internet access. A variety of activities are available including a visit to the monkey hot springs. Hot spring onsen and kitchen facilities available. Map to Ryokan Suisensou
The famous Yorozuya Hotel in Yudanaka Onsen Yorozuya Hotel has long been known as one of the leading hotels in northern Nagano. The large wooden bathtub on the premises has been designated as national cultural property. After a dip in history, guests can also enjoy soaking in the large open-air hot-spring bath.
Yorozuya Annex Yurakuan Yoroduya Annex Yurakuan (a.k.a. Yorozuya Annex Yurakuan) is a companion to the Yorozuya Hotel. It is a casual and comfortable Japanese-style inn – reasonably priced, offering bed and breakfast with both Japanese-style guest rooms and western-style guest rooms available. The hot springs bath has a temple style wooden architecture, chosen as one of the best ten onsen baths in Japan! You can use the onsen privately upon request. There is an internet café and a pub inside the hotel. English speaking staff available. Map to Yorozuya Annex Yurakuan

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Hotel Tsubakino Hotel Tsubakino is a modern ryokan (traditional hotel) located in Yudanaka Onsen, a small town famous for hot springs and surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of Nagano. Hotel Tsubakino offers both modern convenience and traditional Japanese atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the northern Japanese Alps while soaking in the outdoor hot tubs (private onsen available). Enjoy high speed Internet access anywhere in the hotel using a wireless connection.
Iiyama Pension

Yudanaka Onsen Maruka Ryokan

Yudanaka Onsen Maruka Ryokan is not large, but has a calm and peaceful authentic Japanese style with 100% natural hot spring available 24 hours. They offer comfortable homelike service and handmade dishes. 8 minutes walk from Yudanaka Stn. No credit cards accepted.

Map to Yudanaka Onsen Maruka Ryokan

Bouzansou Hotel Bouzansou HotelA traditional Japanese style inn, Bozanso offers natural hot-spring baths, an on-site restaurant and a free shuttle to the Snow Monkey Park can be arranged. English and Thai speaking staff on hand to assist. Mahoroba Restaurant serves local specialties, using seasonal ingredients to create fresh dishes. Map to Bouzansou Hotel
Ajina Yuyado Yasuragi - Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation Ajina Yuyado Yasuragi is only eight minutes walk from Yudanaka Station or a shuttle can be arranged. This is a small establishment with six rooms and two onsen that is popular with foreign guests (rated 4.5 stars for service and hospitality) needing Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation. Map to Ajina Yuyado Yasuragi
Hotel Yudanaka in Yudanaka Onsen near Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano Hotel Yudanaka is a Japanese style inn located in Yudanaka Onsen, Nagano Prefecture – only 3 minutes walk from Yudanaka Station. It features natural hot spring baths, a swimming pool and free transfers to Snow Monkey Park. Kitchenette available in some rooms (subject to availability). Credit cards accepted. Map to Hotel Yudanaka
Aburaya Tosen in Yudanaka Onsen Aburaya Tosen (a.k.a Aburaya Tousen)Only seven minutes walk from Yudanaka Station or collection service available. There are nine new rooms with open air baths available. There are spa & relaxation facilities on the top floor with an area of 1,000 square meters. Read or leave a review of Aburaya Tosen here.
Hotel Shirogane Hotel Shirogane is only three minutes on foot from Yudanaka Station. Hotel Shirogane is situated on large forested grounds on the side of a hill. There is a great view from the guest rooms of Mount Kita-shingogaku and more. All rooms are en-suite Japanese-style. Japanese style rooms with beds (called a combination room) can be arranged if available upon request when you check-in. Read or leave reviews of Hotel Shirogane here
Issa-no Komichi Ryokan in Yudanka Onsen Issa-no Komichi Ryokan no Biyu is located near Yudanaka Station (see map). It’s location provides a beautiful night view from every room. There are four onsen attached to the ryokan – two inside and two outside rotemburo. Complimentary shuttle from Yudanaka Station. The inn is only ten minutes by car from the entrance to the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park
Issa-no Komichi Ryokan in Yudanka Onsen Yudanaka Onsen Hakuunro RyokanVisitors can relax at the onsen hot springs that flow from natural sources at Yudanaka Onsen Hakuunro Ryokan. Guests can experience Japanese culture in this historic Japanese inn as well as private dining with a traditional meal. The ryokan is only a short three minutes walk from Yudanaka Station or collection from the station can be arranged.Read or leave a review of Yudanaka Onsen Hakuunro Ryokan
Sekitei-Rotenburono-Yado Tawaraya Hotel Sekitei-Rotenburono-Yado Tawaraya Hotel is a small Japanese-style hotel that offers local dishes and the highly regarded apple fed Shinshu premium beef. Guests of this traditional inn can enjoy the open-air rock bath which is the largest in the area. Private onsen for your partner or with your family can also be booked. Tawaraya welcomes all guests with the Japanese spirit ‘Ichigo-Ichie’, which means “treasure every encounter, for it will never recur”. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere with accommodation plans at reasonable rates.Read or leave reviews of Tawaraya
Ryokan Hakura in Yudanka OnsenRyokan Hakura room Only just a 5-minute walk away from Yudanaka Station, Japanese-style hotel Ryokan Hakura is well equipped for disabled guests. It offers spacious rooms, hot spring baths and a rooftop cafe. Rooms in Hakura Ryokan are furnished with contemporary amenities, including a flat-screen TV and some rooms have free Wi-Fi. Ryokan Hakura is just a 30-minute drive from Jigokudani Monkey Park, and a 40-minute drive from ski resort Shiga Kogen. A free shuttle from Yudanaka Station is available on request. The ryokan’s restaurant takes special pride in its fresh home-grown vegetables, and serves local as well as Western dishes. The rooftop beer garden is open during warm seasons.
Yudanaka Yumoto Inn Yudanaka Yumoto RyokanBuilt during the Edo Period, Yumoto Ryokan is the oldest Japanese-style inn in the Yudanaka area. It is a small Japanese style ryokan with only four rooms. It is equipped with popular open-air hot spring bath in the traditional style garden. Internet access available & credit cards accepted. Map to Yudanaka Yumoto Inn Read or leave reviews Yorozuya ShoraisoTawaraya Hotel

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Accommodation in Shibu Onsen

Shibu Onsen 渋温泉 is located between Yudanaka Onsen and Kanbayashi Onen. There is deep-rootedness and preservation of Japanese tradition in this place. Its narrow streets lined with traditional buildings offers a particularly nice atmosphere with people strolling in their yukata and wooden geta sandals just like how people have done for hundreds of years. You can enjoy the foot baths, or try sotoyu-meguri, the bathhouse tour (see map). Buy a special towel and take it with you to the various bathhouses. If you collect all the stamps prepared at each bath, you will have a chance to receive a special gift.Some inns date back sixteen generations and their wooden facades look like they came from a historic period drama. The main inn “Kanaguya” (see reviews) was one of the models for Studio Ghibli’s award winning anime feature “Spirited Away” (see link).

Hotel Sakaeya in Shibu Onsen Hotel Sakaeya (a.k.a. Shunran no Yado Sakaeya) is a traditional Japanese-style inn located in Shibu Onsen with the Monkey Park only ten minutes away by car from the hotel. Unique inside and outside onsen hot springs featuring oriental medicine and rustic, charming open-air baths are available onsite. A good choice of Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation. Map to Hotel Sakaeya
Shibu Hotel, Shibu Onsen Shibu Hotel is a Japanese-style inn popular with foreign visitors. Free collection from station and shuttle to Jigokudani Yaen Koen (Monkey Park) available. Close to the Onsen Monkey Park than some other onsen areas of Nagano. The hotel has both Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats and western-style rooms as well as three different types of onsen including a private bath. Read or leave reviews for Shibu Hotel
Kanaguya Ryokan Inn Shibu Onsen Kanaguya Ryokan is a national heritage asset that has managed to preserve its original form since 1758. The pictures outside the ryokan show people from the long past, in their kimono and hairstyles of that period, posing at exactly the same spots of the ryokan that are visible to anyone standing on the street looking at it now. There are six ‘theme’ onsen guests can use throughout the hotel. Kanaguya was also one of the models for Studio Ghibli’s award winning Spirited Away. Read or leave reviews of Kanaguya Ryokan here
Shibu Hotel, Shibu Onsen Taiyokan Yamatoya Ryokan features a Japanese-style interior and places importance on its clean, comfortable atmosphere. Guests can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and stream throughout the seasons from their rooms and the large public bath, as well as hand-made cuisine imbued with the kindness of the owner.Read or leave reviews for Taiyokan Yamatoya Ryokan
Hatunoyu Ryokan Hatsunoyu Ryokan has three baths. One public bath for men, one public bath for ladies, and one private bath. The public baths are available 24 hours and all rooms are Japanese traditional style. Credit cards not accepted. Please inform the hotel of your arrival time at Yudanaka station for a free pick-up service. Map to Hatsunoyu Ryokan
Shibu Onsen Kokuya near Jigokudani-koen in Nagano Shibu Onsen Kokuya Inn is a popular historical inn dating back 400 years with friendly hosts located in Shibu Onsen. The Kokuya prides itself on providing a genuine Japanese inn experience. The hotel has five indoor hot springs (onsen) and four open-air baths. Enjoy a hot tub on the balcony too!See a video of Shibu Onsen Kokuya Inn (Japanese only). Read or leave reviews for Shibu Onsen Kokuya
Hotel Nishimasa in Shibu Onsen Hotel Nishimasa is a reasonably priced Japan Snow Monkeys Accommodation option just five minutes by taxi from Yudanaka Station. The Hotel Nishimasa offers a cosy stay with traditional food, great views of the surrounding mountains and soothing hot springs. Early check-in and late check-out available. Credit cards accepted (JCB, MC, Visa). Map to Hotel Nishimasa
 Andaikan Ryokan in Yudanaka Onsen Andaikan RyokanAndaikan Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn, very retro looking, and even includes getta (clogs) and yukata (Japanese style robes) that can be used whilst strolling in the area. Five minutes by bus from Yudanaka Station (near Shibu Onsen Post Office). Map to Andaikan Ryokan
Ikariya Ryokan in Yudanaka Onsen Ikariya Hotel is a traditional Japanese style hotel in Shibu Onsen which has a 90 year history. This is a small hotel with its own idyllic atmosphere, and offers its own delicious homemade dishes. Please enjoy your stay here and have a good time. Map to Ikariya Hotel
Kadoya Hotel in Shibu Onsen, Nagano Kadoya Hotel is a Japanese-style inn located in the foothills of the Shiga Highlands along the crystal clear Hoshi River and from which you can enjoy the nearby nine ‘Soto-yu Meguri’ outdoor baths of Shibu-Onsen.There are separate rock baths for men and women as well as open-air baths made of cypress that can be reserved for private use, all of which only utilise spring waters flowing directly from the source. No credit cards accepted.
ichinoyu katei inn shibu onsen Ichinoyu Katei – the entire Ichinoyu Katei Hotel maintains a Japanese-style atmosphere for a wonderfully relaxing experience. The hotel has large baths with adjacent open-air baths that boast a great view of the area. The baths can be reserved for private use between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Guests can also look forward to the hotel’s banquet-style dishes.
Wafu no Yado Masuya inn shibu onsen Wafu no Yado Masuya is a traditional style inn only a five minute drive from Yudanaka Station and a fifteen minute drive from the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. The inn features beautiful Japanese-style rooms, hot spring baths and free wi-fi. Rooms boast a private semi-outdoor hot spring bath. The spacious, bright rooms at Masuya are comfortably furnished with tatami-mat flooring and traditional futon bedding. The Japanese hot spring experience is complete with award-winning multi-course dinners, served in private dining rooms. Delicious local specialties can also be ordered separately.
Hoshiwakan Hotel in Yudanaka Onsen Hotel Hoshikawakan is located in the center of the famous Yudakana Hot Springs. Guest can enjoy the natural hot spring and delicious Japanese food. Both Japanese style rooms and Japanese-western style rooms (Japanese style room with beds) are available. All rooms are well equipped with bath and toilet, TV, bathrobes and other amenities. The big public bathrooms are natural hot springs with both indoor bath and outdoor bath. From the outdoor bath guests can enjoy the view of the town, far away mountains and stars at night. The public bathrooms are open 24 hours. Check in from 15:00 until 20:00
Uotoshi Ryokan in Yudanaka-Shibu Onsen Uotoshi Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn situated in Yudanaka-Shibu Hot Spring Resort at the foot of Shiga Heights with an English-speaking host. Hotspring cypress baths are available 24 hours. Kyudo (Japanese traditional archery) can be experienced during your stay. Free collection from the station. Read or leave reviews of Uotoshi Ryokan here
Suminoyu Inn - Shibu Onsen, Nagano Suminoyu Inn is accessible to many local attractions with beautiful views and exceptional service providing a unique cultural experience in your snow monkeys accommodation. Comfortable Japanese style rooms. Hot Spring baths, restaurants & leisure lounges onsite. Read or leave reviews of Suminoyu Inn here.
matsuya Ryokan shibu onsen Senshinkan Matsuya Ryokan, located in Shibu Onsen, is a ryokan with a gracious homely feel. Creating a tranquil ambiance, all 25 spacious rooms are well designed in Japanese style. Each one comes with a host of modern amenities such as refrigerator, ensuite and television. Its public hot spring bath (onsen) is very unique in that the bath tub and interior are made out of cypress! Check reviews for Senshinkan Matsuya Ryokan here

Places to stay in Kanbayashi Onsen

Kambayashi Onsen 上林温泉 is only a small village on a hill amongst the forest but provides a very calming environment for those seeking convenient snow monkey accommodation. It is four kilometres from Yudanaka Station but provides the closest lodging to the Japan Snow Monkey Park in Jigokudani-koen (roughly 30 minutes to walk). You can catch a bus from Yudanaka Station and get off at the Kambayashi Stop. There is a local temple, museum and some restaurants.

Fudo-Son no Yu Kotobuki is a unique combination of Japanese, Western and cottage style hot spring resort located in a luscious forest in Kanbayashi Onsen Fudo-Son no Yu Kotobuki is a unique combination of Japanese, Western and cottage style hot spring resort located in the luscious forest of Kanbayashi Onsen – one of the one hundred famous hot springs in Japan.The inn is conveniently located just under the gateway of mountain path to Jigokudani Yaen-koen. Guests have a relaxing lounge area, several different types of onsen and hearty meals as well. Map to Fudo-Son no Yu Kotobuki
korakukan ryokan in Jigokudani Monkey Park Japan Korakukan Ryokan is a small inn with twelve Japanese style rooms and is as close as you can get to the Monkey Park (see hotel map below). Naturally the inn has both an inside and outside onsen. If you want to get close to the monkeys this is the place to be. The monkeys are very active – clambering over the building, looking through the windows and even using the outdoor baths. Cost is around 10,000 yen per person per night (including dinner and breakfast)
kanbayashi onsen hotel senjukaku - snow monkeys accommodation Kanbayashi Hotel Senjukaku combines the comfort of a hotel providing you with your private space and time, and the heart-warming service of a ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inn).
Yuyado Sekiya in Kanbayashi Onsen, Nagano Yuyado Sekiya – booking details soon! Yuyado Sekiya is a traditional Japanese-style inn (ryokan) in Kanbayashi Onsen. The inn is well placed near the entrance to the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. Map to Yuyado Sekiya
Jinpokau Inn in Kanbayashi Onsen near Jigokudani Monkey Park Japan Jinpokau Inn (a.k.a. Jinpyokaku Honten) is an authentic Japanese inn with a history over 100 years that sits near the entrance to the Jigokudani-koen Monkey Park. It is a very traditional Japanese inn first opened in 1901. Over the years it has played host to a large number of famous writers (inc. Yasunari Kawabata), artists & politicians. Yomiuri Travel rated this inn a member of the “100 real hot-springs” in Japan in 2004. Inside and outside hot spring baths are available. Map to Jinpokau Inn
Yamanoyu Hotel near Japan Snow Monkey Park, Nagano, Japan Yamanoyu Hotel – booking details soon! The Yamanoyu Hotel is built in the highest point of Kanbayashi Onsen. The location is renowned for it’s stillness. Famous Japanese authors such as Fumiko Hayashi, Sakae Tsuboi and others stayed and wrote masterpieces here. The room that “Meshi” was written in by Fumiko Hayashi is still in existence as well as the room used by Sakae Tsuboi when writing “Nijyushinohitomi”. Free LAN connection available.


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