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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Accommodation

Q. Are hotel bookings in English possible? Can you help make bookings for us?

A. Yes, we are a registered Australian travel business. Bookings can be done very easily via our secure booking site 0r send us an accommodation request via this form. Also check the many links on our acccommodation pages.

FAQ: Tokyo - Great hotels at reasonable prices

Q. Can I make a booking after I arrive?

A. Yes. If you arrive during office hours go to one of the tourist centres. They have all the information you need and can help you book a place to stay. Don’t forget to bring your phrase book/dictionary though!

Q. What kind of accommodation is available?

A. All the way from budget inns, family ski clubs and youth hostels up to prestige resort hotels such as the Ryokan Sakaya in Nozawa Onsen, Nojiriko El Bosco Hotel or Akakura Kanko Hotel.

FAQ: Timing

Q. When is the best time to come?

A. It really depends on your interests. There is a distinct attractiveness to every season. Most foreign visitors come in the winter for skiing.

Q. How can I check on the weather there?

A. Click here for the latest forecasts or try our ski resort pages for three day resort conditions and snow depth. We also have regular snow reports from Nozawa Onsen, Hakuba and Myoko Kogen or you can get Snow Alerts straight to your inbox.

FAQ: Access and maps

Q. How can I get there and get around?

A. See our updated Access pages for all the information you need.

Q. Where can I get maps and information?

A. At our Myoko maps page, Hakuba Maps page or Nozawa Onsen Maps page – or at one of the tourist centres listed. English maps may sometimes be available from some of the souvenir shops in the area. A Myoko resort map in English can be downloaded here. Our interactive area guide is here.

FAQ: Internet & Communication

Q. Can I bring my walkie-talkies with me?

A. No, they are illegal. You can buy some in Japan however at a reasonable price.

UHF Walkie Talkie in Japan

Q. Is there an internet cafe available?

A. Not many, but a lot of hotels are now providing in-house services. Check this wireless freespot map in Nagano and this wireless access map in Myoko.

See also the discussion about internet access in our forum

FAQ: Employment

Q. Can I find casual work in the resorts there?

A: Until about 2008/2009 it was generally unlikely on any kind of transit visa. However, foreign workers began appearing in resorts during the 2008/09 season. If you can get a valid work permit, have some solid experience as an instructor or in hospitality, plus reasonable Japanese skills there is a much better chance. Also check out the job links listed on our forum.

FAQ: Publicity and Copyright

Q. I am a journalist, reporter or blogger. Can I use information and/or photos off this site?

A. Usually no. Please see our Media & Press page.

Q. I work for a tour company. Can we rip off all the information on your site and post it on ours?

A. No! We are sick of commercial vultures looting our content. Please write your own original content or at least spend some moneyadvertising or sponsoring us. Remember, we are the number one ranked site for the area. Operators who do steal content are reported to Google and asked to have their site(s) removed from their search index.

Q. Can we donate money for getting all the great info off this site?

A. Yes please, or buy a book. A simple ‘thank you’ in reply for any help we provide is also nice. We are surprised how many people forget this little gesture.

If you have other questions please contact us and we will try to post the answers here. Please try not to inundate – we do have a business to run. You can also post questions on our travel and ski forum or look at our Japan Ski Tips page.

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