Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle & Airport Transfer

The Heart of Japan is pleased to work with several locally owned companies to provide Nagano ski resort shuttle and airport transfers to foreign visitors, as well well as an airport shuttle to/from from Myoko ski resorts. We can also help arrange Nagano intra-resort transfers and day tours to the Snow Monkeys, Zenkoji Temple, Togakushi Village plus more.

All services for the Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle must be pre-booked and can be paid in your local currency. We recommend booking at least one month ahead, especially for the busy Xmas/NY/January period. Fill in the form below for a quote!

Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle, Airport Transfers, Day Tours

Shared taxi shuttle from Narita and Haneda (Tokyo Airports) to Nagano and Myoko Resorts

Only have a small group but still want ease of access to one of the Nagano or Myoko resorts? This popular shared taxi service will cost you approximately 16,900 (inc. baggage costs) from the airport to your hotel door in Myoko, Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen or Shiga Kogen. Great value that will save you several changes of trains and hassles with luggage and/or ski bags. Fill in the form below for a quote!

nagano airport taxi shuttle

Nagano snow shuttle, Airport transfer to NaganoScheduled bus transfers to Nagano and Myoko Resorts plus intra-resort shuttles

Nagano Snow Shuttle offers up to three shuttles daily to Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen and Akakura Onsen in Myoko Kogen from Narita Airport & Haneda Airport as well as intra-ski resort shuttles. Book online here.

Chartered buses to Nagano and Myoko Resorts plus intra-resort shuttles

Private Limousine Nagano (Lampya) is pleased to offer a Myoko-Nagano ski resort shuttle for foreign guests visiting Japan. Lampya offers a Nagano airport transfer to/from Narita, Haneda and Nagoya Airports as well as Nagano ski resort transfers, day trips and tours. Lampya is a great option for medium to large groups as you are chartering the vehicle for your own personal use.

myoko nagano ski resort shuttle

What’s the difference between Lampya and other similar Nagano ski resort shuttles?

  • Lampya is a locally based company in Shinano-machi so their drivers are familiar with local conditions and roads;
  • Lampya is a charter service so it can fit your requirements. No waiting around all day at the airport or for other passengers so you can get to your destination a.s.a.p.;
  • Lampya is a direct service to your accommodation. No changing buses on the way, no long way dropping off other passengers or being left at a bus stop far from your hotel;
  • Lampya can tailor your needs such as including a FREE two hour stop at the Snow MonkeysZenkoji Temple or some other ‘must see’ sight along the way.nagano airport shuttle economy

nagano airport shuttle transfer

Nagano Airport Shuttle to Haneda (Tokyo), Narita (Tokyo), Centrair(Nagoya)
To/From Van Van + Cargo
Haneda(Tokyo) ¥168,000 ¥175,000
Narita(Tokyo) ¥194,000 ¥202,000
Centrair(Nagoya) ¥193,000 ¥200,000
* Prices are reference point only. Please feel free to request rates from ski resorts.

nagano ski resort transfer


Nagano Station Transfer

Nagano station to each ski resort. Good for late arrival at Nagano station or for those with lots of bags.


Van Van + Cargo Large Large + Cargo

Nagano Station

(Up to 6pax) (Up to 6pax) (Up to 12pax) (Up to 12pax)

Myoko / Madarao

¥42,000 ¥42,000 ¥44,000 ¥44,000

Nozawa Onsen

¥49,000 ¥49,000 ¥53,000 ¥53,000


¥53,000 ¥53,000 ¥57,000 ¥57,000

Nagano Ski Shuttle (from Myoko to other resorts)

Nagano Inter-resort shuttles can be used for day trips or for when transferring from your stay in one resort to another stay in a different resort.

Ski day shuttle


from Akakura

(Up to 8pax)

Madarao Kogen


Nozawa Onsen



On request

Charmant Hiuchi




*Collect prior to 8.30am in Akakura. Pick up from resort around 4pm and return

Inter-resort transfers for large groups (ex-Myoko)


Van Large
(Up to 6pax) (Up to 12pax)

Nozawa Onsen

¥38,000 ¥41,000


¥48,000  ¥51,000


¥59,000  ¥63,000

nagano ski resort transfer

Myoko Day Tours


Van Large
(Up to 12 pax) (Up to 17 pax)
Snow Monkeys ¥62,000 ¥67,000
Togakushi Village ¥50,000 ¥55,000
Zenkoji Temple ¥60,000 ¥65,000
Togakushi & Zenkoji ¥61,000 ¥66,000
Nozawa Fire Festival ¥65,000 ¥70,000
Shopping & Sushi Tour (Joetsu) ¥53,000 ¥57,000
Matsumoto Castle ¥87,000 ¥92,000
Lake Nojiri ice fishing On request On request

Other event shuttle

Hakuba to Nozawa Fire Festival: Van ¥116,000 Large ¥124,000

Nagano Japan Snow Monkey Day Tours

Request other arrangements

Can’t find what you are looking for? Fill in the form below and let us know what arrangements you’d like to make and your budget. Lampya will complete and forward a quote for you.

nagano airport transfer myoko

Make a Myoko-Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle or Nagano Airport Shuttle booking!

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  • Lampya Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle are fully chartered services, not a per passenger fare;
  • Passengers will meet the driver and bus at an assigned location;
  • Surcharges may apply for car parking, late night operations (22:00 – 05:00), route detours and guides;
  • On days where weather or traffic conditions affect the flow of traffic, arrival will be later than estimated;
  • The bus will depart as soon as all passengers are accounted for;
  • The bus size varies depending on the number of passengers;
  • Passengers will not be required to transfer during their journey. This is a direct service – either chartered or shared;
  • All passengers must pre-book the Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle service. Extra passengers cannot be added without at least 72 hours prior notice and only if a larger vehicle is available;
  • Quotations for other routes are available on request;
  • Regular comfort stops will be made during the journey;
  • Rate includes driver(s), fuel, taxes and road tolls (most direct route with no detours);
  • These services are not run or operated by Explore the Heart of Japan. Your arrangements are with the individual operator(s);
  • All rates are quoted in Japanese Yen. Payment can be made in your local currency with allowance for fx rates and transfer fees.

Booking terms and conditions

  • Bookings for Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle can only be accepted more than 72 hours in advance. However, availability is limited so guests are encouraged to book at least 2 weeks in advance;
  • Bookings are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation via email;
  • Bookings are subject to the the individual operator(s) terms and conditions;
  • Requests for changes or cancellations should be sent via our contact page or email;
  • Where possible, buses will wait for delayed flights. In the event that flight is delayed beyond reasonable limits, the bus may depart without the passengers on delayed flights or additional charges may apply. This is solely at the discretion of the individual operator(s);
  • In the case where guests are delayed/miss the bus for reasons other than delayed flights (e.g. missed flight), 100% cancellation fee applies;
  • Cancellation between 14 days and 7 days prior to the transfer date will incur a 50% cancellation fee, cancellation between 3 and 6 days prior to the transfer date will incur a 70% cancellation fee, cancellation 2 days or less prior to the transfer date will incur a 100% cancellation fee. “Cancellation” includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking.

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