Myoko Transport: Shuttle, Bus, Train, Taxi

For all your Myoko ski shuttle info plus Myoko transport, transfer and local transport options.

myoko shuttle

Myoko Shuttle offers the most convenient way to get from four different airports to the Myoko resort you are staying at. The service is direct and fast with no stops in between the airport and Myoko.

Hint: Print these directions out and put it safely in your carry-on luggage


  1. For Tokyo to Madarao & Myoko to Madarao access info click here
  2. For Tokyo to Myoko access info click here
  3. For Tokyo to Nagano access click here
  4. For Osaka to Nagano access click here
  5. For access via highway bus, taxi and car information click here

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Myoko Transport: Shuttle, Bus, Train & Taxi

Myoko Transport: Nagano Ski Resort Shuttle & Airport Transfer

Private Limousine Nagano (Lampya) is pleased to offer a Myoko-Nagano ski resort shuttle for foreign guests visiting Japan. Lampya offers a Nagano airport transfer to/from Narita, Haneda and Nagoya Airports as well as Nagano ski resort transfers, day trips and tours. Lampya is a great option for medium to large groups as you are chartering the vehicle for your own personal use.

myoko nagano ski resort shuttle

If coming individually or in small groups check out Nagano Snow Shuttle schedules. Public transport options for getting to Myoko can be found here.

Myoko Transport: JoetsuMyoko Station Shuttle bus

JoetsuMyoko Station to Akakura Onsen and other Myoko resorts

There is a shuttle that runs three times a day to and from JoetsuMyoko Station to Akakura Onsen and the other ski resorts. Services run from 23 December 2017 until 04 March 2018.

Click here to download or print the schedule.

Please note that the shuttle bus from JoetsuMyoko Station to Suginohara via Akakura Onsen is for transport of regular passengers only. Please do not use for ski transport but instead use the designated service – Mount Myoko Shuttle (as below).

Stop Cost Departure
Joetsumyoko Station (East Exit) 8:45 12:15 15:30
Arai Road Station 540円 8:59 12:29 15:44
‘Tomato’ Market 900円 9:21 12:51 16:06
Akakura Onsen bus stop 1,100円 9:39 13:09 16:24
Akakura Kanko Resort 1,100円 9:41 13:11 16:26
Landmark Cafe (Ikenotaira) 1,200円 9:45 13:15 16:30
Ikenotaira Imori Pond 1,200円 9:47 13:17 16:32
Suginosawa Village (Suginohara) 1,300円 9:51 13:21 16:36
Suginohara Ski Resort 1,300円 9:58 13:28 16:43
Stop Cost Departure
Suginohara Ski Resort 10:50 14:20 17:25
Suginosawa Village (Suginohara) 170円 10:57 14:27 17:32
Ikenotaira Imori Pond 300円 11:01 14:31 17:36
Landmark Cafe (Ikenotaira) 300円 11:03 14:33 17:38
Akakura Kanko Resort 400円 11:07 14:37 17:42
Akakura Onsen bus stop 440円 11:09 14:39 17:44
‘Tomato’ Market 700円 11:27 14:57 18:02
Arai Road Station 1,200円 11:49 15:19 18:24
Joetsumyoko Station (East Exit) 1,300円 12:03 15:33 18:38

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Myoko Transport: Ski Resort Shuttle buses

Myoko Transport: Mount Myoko ski resorts shuttle

myoko shuttle ticket

Myoko shuttle buses are available at a number of stops stretching from Akakura Onsen Ski Area to Suginohara Ski Area plus now to Tangram and Madarao Kogen.

For full schedules and bus stops, please click on the following links to download or check from your Myoko accommodation. The fare must be bought at one of the listed offices (ski lift ticket windows or tourist offices). Tickets cannot be bought on the bus. The service runs December 23, 2018 – March 04, 2019. Click here for the 2017/18 Mount Myoko Shuttle timetables.

Myoko Transport: Akakura (Myoko) – Madarao Ski Shuttle bus

The Myoko-Madarao Shuttle will operate from December 23rd 2018 – March 4th 2019. Full time tables are available from your Myoko accommodation or Madarao accommodation.

AM shuttle

  • 07:40 Akakura Onsen
  • 07:42 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 08:20 Madarao Kogen Hotel
  • 08:30 Madarao Kogen Hotel
  • 08:45 Tangram Resort
  • 09:13 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 09:15 Akakura Onsen

PM shuttle

  • 15:40 Akakura Onsen
  • 15:42 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 16.10 Tangram Resort
  • 16:25 Madarao Kogen Hotel
  • 16:35 Madarao Kogen Hotel
  • 16:50 Tangram Resort
  • 17:05 Myoko Bus Terminal
  • 17:20 (Connect Arai Service)

The cost for the daily shuttles Akakura – Myokokogen – Tangram – Madarao is 1,000 yen one way. Pay by cash when boarding.

There are onward buses to Iiyama Station and Nozawa Onsen from Madarao Kogen. See more Madarao shuttle info here.

Myoko Transport: Akakura (Myoko) – Lotte Arai Ski Resort

The Myoko-Arai Shuttle will operate from December 23rd 2018 – March 4th 2019. Full time tables are available from your Myoko accommodation.

AM shuttle

  • 07:40 Akakura Onsen
  • 07:42 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 08:30 Lotte Arai Resort
  • 09:18 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 09:20 Akakura Onsen

PM shuttle

  • 15:40 Akakura Onsen
  • 15:42 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 16:45 Lotte Arai Resort
  • 17:33 Akakura Kanko Resort
  • 17:35 Akakura Onsen

The cost for the daily shuttles Akakura – Myokokogen – Arai Resort is 1,000 yen one way. Pay by cash when boarding.

Myoko Transport: Akakura Onsen (Myoko) – Seki Onsen Ski Shuttle bus

There is also a daily shuttle between Akakura Onsen and Seki Onsen between January – February. Cost is 5,500 yen including van, lunch, drink and ticket. Ask at your hotel desk for details.

Myoko to Nagano Transfer Bus

There is a new Myoko to Nagano / Nagano to Myoko shuttle service for 2018/19 which will operate from December 23rd 2018 – March 4th 2019. Time and fares are as below (click to enlarge). Pay cash when boarding.Myoko Nagano Transfer Bus

Myoko Transport: Local buses

Buses in Myoko-kogen run quite regularly from outside the station. Turn right as you come out of the station and the new bus stops are almost right at the front. The stops have English signage and the buses themselves will have the destination in English as well. Some routes and times differ slightly according to seasons. Click here for the 2017/18 Myoko Kogen Winter bus schedule & fares.

Myoko bus

Myoko bus stops at the front of the station. Tourist office can be seen behind.

A special bus runs to Sasagamine (past Suginohara) during the summer climbing season. A special tour shuttle also runs during the warmer summer months to some of the scenic tourist spots in Myoko. An all day pass is only 500 yen. See the Keinan Bus site (Japanese) for further information on Myoko buses. A fare sheet (Japanese) for Myoko buses can be downloaded here.

Myokokogen station area and bus stops map

myokokogen station map

Myokokogen bus routes map

Local bus Myokokogen to Akakura Onsen, Suginohara

Map thanks to Myoko Tourism Office

Myoko Transport: Taxi Services

Taxis are available from the front of the Myoko Kogen rail station or from the Kougen Taxi depot diagonally left across from the station.  Bookings can be arranged on 0255-86-3141 (Japanese only). Trips to ski resorts, the Snow Monkeys or further afield are possible. Ask your hotel for details.

Osaka - Great hotels at reasonable pricesMyoko Car Rental

This is generally not possible unless you make arrangements with a major company for local pick-up. Cars can be hired in or near rail stations in major cities such as Nagano and JoetsuMyoko Station.

Myoko-Nagano Train Pass

For 1,000 yen the one day Nagano pass will get you between Nagano and Myoko Kogen stations for a whole day. Buy at the ticket window in Myoko Kogen.

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