Last Hakuba Snow Report of the Season

Well, we’ve decided to close the Hakuba Snow Report out this weekend. Not that that’s any reflection of the snow quality in Hakuba. The weather in Hakuba is unreal – almost like February at times. Just check out the Hakuba ski video below.

We’ll be updating occasionally over the off season with videos and pics from this season so if you have one you’d like to contribute please do so on our Facebook page. Otherwise see you all next season in Hakuba! You can start booking youraccommodation in Hakuba here

Current snow depths and resort openings in Hakuba. *Special thanks to Snow Navi and Smitty for all their help this year!

Happo-one 230cm (upper slopes open until Golden Week/early may)
Tsugaike 345cm (upper slopes open until Golden Week/early may)
Goryu 280cm (upper slopes open until Golden Week/early may)
Hakuba 47 234cm (current plan is to stay open until Golden Week/early may)
Iwatake – closed
Norikura – closed
Cortina – closed
Kashimayari – closed
Sanosaka – closed

Hakuba Snow Report: April snow / Hakuba closing dates

April Fools Day – but it’s no joke – it’s snowing again!

Despite still having great bases today is the last day of the season at Cortina, Norikura, Iwatake and Sanosaka. Minekata and Kashimayari are already closed. Happo-one and 47 are closing several lifts but hope to keep some areas open till Golden Week. At Goryu, Iimori closes today, Toomi area is open until next Sunday 8th April but the upper slopes will hopefully stay open until Golden Week (early May). Tsugaike Kogen also hopes to stay open until Golden week.

This was the scene in Hakuba Cortina this morning. Yet they close the season out at 5pm today with a 3.6 metre base in place!

This is what was happening earlier this week in Hakuba. Incredible! Thanks to the crew from Hakuba Powder Lodge.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 260cm
Tsugaike 290cm
Goryu 275cm
Hakuba 47 246cm
Iwatake – closed
Norikura – closed
Cortina – closed
Kashimayari – closed

Hakuba Snow Report: 25th February, 2012

Sorry for the gap between reports – been otherwise occupied.

Quite a busy day in Hakuba today and a bit warm as well. Temperature at the base was around 0℃ with no wind. Visibility was quite poor at many of the resorts – ranging from 50 to 200 metres at the top but clearer down low. The piste was fairly soft with about 15cm of fresh snow but a hard bottom layer and a bit heavy near the base of the slopes.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 190cm
Tsugaike 260cm
Goryu 290cm
Hakuba 47 228cm
Iwatake 185cm
Norikura 180cm
Cortina 345cm
Kashimayari 165cm

Here’s some recent Hakuba tree and backcountry skiing goodness from the crew at Hakuba Powder Lodge