Hakuba Snow Report: 25 January, 2012

To say there’s been a lot of snow in Hakuba in the last 18 hours is an understatement!Hakuba Cortina was the standout AGAIN with 70cm of freshies on the top slope. Some lifts were closed there due to avi danger but all courses were open by later today. Snow is falling steadily tonight and so tomorrow should be a good good day!

Current snow depths – thanks to Snow Navi.

Hakuba 47 185cm
Cortina 265cm
Happo-one 150cm
Tsugaike 245cm
Goryu 220cm
Iwatake 130cm
Norikura 175cm

A comment from Mark on the Hakuba Cortina Facebook about today’s action on the slopes.

“Excitement levels were super high while waiting for the lifts to open. We rode absolutely wonderful nipple deep powder all day long until our stomachs were screaming for pizza and our legs for onsen. It was hard to let our stomachs and legs win the battle when we were still finding fresh tracks mid afternoon, but we were more than happy with our day when they did.”

A lucky boarder getting in amongst some on-piste soft stuff at Hakuba Goryu today

 Happy Australia Day for tomorrow everyone. Don’t forget about drinks at the Whitehorse Lodge.

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Hakuba discount ski vouchers

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Hakuba discount ski vouchers

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Welcome to the Hakuba Snow Report

Welcome to the Hakuba Snow Report which updates snow conditions in Hakuba Ski Resort, Japan regularly. Our reports have now closed for the 2011/12 season but will return in December 2012. We are looking for writers (reports), contributors (pics/videos) and/or sponsors for the report. We presently work with some awesome people inNozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen and would love to have some new Hakuba crew on board. Please contact us if interested.

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Hakuba Snow and Weather Forecasts

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Hakuba Snow Report: 11 January, 2012

As I write this they’ve just turned the lights on for the night skiing. Been a fairly murky day in Hakuba with plenty of snow on and off the whole day. Around 20-25cm or so in the last 12-18 hours which has put some nice cover of pow over the top of the groomers. Reasonably clear at the bottom/middle (as can be seen from this afternoon’s shot at Iwatake) but foggier up top. Fairly cold with a -9C recording at the top of the lifts. Also very few crowds.

On Goryu (see pic below) they have a good base but the snow is inconsistent. At the top is either slow or fast and at the bottom it’s a bit heavy and flaky. Check out the snow consistency towards the end of the Hakuba snow video below

Hakuba snow base depths remain about the same as previous reports.

Hakuba Iwatake
Hakuba Goryu
Hakuba Minekata
Tsugaike Kogen

Tomorrow (Thursday) should be a cracker for skiing with good hopes for a bluebird day and a nice fresh cover of Hakuba pow. So get to bed early and get into in the morning! Here’s a video from today courtesy of the Morino crew.

Hakuba Snow Report: Writer wanted