Hakuba Snow Report: Colder start to the day

Not much snow to speak of, maybe 10cm or so, but the weather has become colder again so that is one positive. It was -10℃ when it dawned at Tsugaike this morning. Hopefully will bring snow forth tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime it’s been pretty foggy with the runs mostly fogged over and limited visibility.

Once again avalanche danger is high with some recent incidents (one serious) so please be very careful out there. Check the Hakuba Avalanche advisory before heading out into the backcountry.

Some fairly spectacular fireworks last night over on Goryu

Tsugaike Heli Ski and Snowboard Tours opened this weekend and will be offered until May 6. The cost is 10,000 yen for adults and 9,000 yen for children. This was the view from the drop off point this morning.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 180cm
Tsugaike 250cm
Goryu 255cm
Hakuba 47 249cm
Iwatake 180cm
Norikura 160cm
Cortina 320cm
Kashimayari 150cm

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