Hakuba snow report, 17 January 2013: Sunny day in Hakuba

Apologies for a lack of reporting thus far this season as both of our Hakuba snow & ski correspondents have recently gone MIA.

The current temperature in Hakuba (Happo-one) is -4 degrees with 10cm fresh snow reported overnight. Snow is compacted so make sure your edges are sharp. There is some wind about today running about 2m/s. There has been some light snow with further snow showers expected. The sun is shining brightly and vision is good.

Sunny day at Hakuba Happo-one

Sunny day at Hakuba Happo-one

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one – 190cm
Tsugaike – 260cm
Goryu – 270cm
Hakuba 47 – 210cm
Iwatake – 140cm
Kashimayari – 120cm
Norikura – 160cm
Cortina – 280cm

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